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    I am aware that many of you have noticed that it has been quiet on our social media lately. I had wondered if anyone would notice the digital silence. Sometimes out of sight is out of mind but this house has a presence that is difficult to ignore. The house is not being ignored. I don’t think it would be possible for us to ignore it. I just wanted a break from all the noise that the house creates. Winter is definitely an easy time to take that break. 

    Due to the snowy weather and cold temperatures we can’t accomplish nearly as much in winter. This fall provided enough of a chill that my favorite activity of painting had to be put on hold earlier than usual. I was finally getting the chance to remove the blue paint which has plagued the porch for far too long. Even though we are located on Main Street it was often quiet enough to hear the tiny bristles applying paint to the house. That silence would be quickly interrupted by a generator roaring to life which would then compete for loudest vocalist with by a drill. Sometimes a hammer would even chime in for fun although it had no chance of winning the contest. The peacefulness of the front porch was ruined. I would rejoice when the noises were finally put to bed at the end of each day. 

    I thoroughly enjoy the silence of the house. It’s so peaceful and calming. The many sounds of work being accomplished are certainly exciting but nothing beats the time at the end of the day when we stand in silence and just appreciate the house and what has been accomplished. 

    The house has always been quietest in winter. It cozies up under blankets of snow and takes a break from all the chaos. The chaos is needed but so is the rest. It’s a time to relax after all of the stress that has been built up. Winter gives us the perfect opportunity to refresh and come back renewed, and ready to make something beautiful. Every Winter is followed by the blossoming of Spring. The house will soon be buzzing, we will be like worker bees returning to the flower. All of the noise will certainly return but I hope we always take that time at the end of the day to enjoy the silence.

    I’ve enjoyed my winter break from social media, I certainly think it was much needed. That being said, I am extremely excited to share our Spring with all of you. I know some of you have missed our posts, we have missed reading all of your comments and messages. Thank you for all of your support. I just wanted to let you know that we will be back soon and look forward to sharing more of this journey with you! 



  1. Did miss you, and glad that we will soon be able to follow the renovations again. Spring abounds!

  2. Glad to see you back. You are the soul of a poet, an artist. Your imagery in your post is beautiful.

  3. Happy to see you're back! My favorite old girl ❤️

  4. Old houses are alive and breath on their own. Even they need time to recuperate and absorb the new and incorporate with the old. I'm glad you will be coming back spring is coming SOON!

  5. Yes, you were missed. Looking forward to continuing your journey with you.

  6. What a wonderfully written note.

  7. I'm looking forward to seeing your upcoming projects!

  8. You have done so much with rhis beautiful house! I did miss reading the updates but figured it was a well deserved rest during the brrrrr cold time!


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