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A Dream

I’ve had a tough time deciding where to start in sharing the story of the house. I’ve decided to start with the part that involves me. I’m not from the small town of Coudersport, Pa. However, I had been making trips here my entire life. My family has a cabin in the nearby mountains. We would frequently stop in town on weekends to grocery shop or grab a pizza. I always loved looking at the houses when we drove through. However there was one house in particular that I loved to dream about. In my mind I had already enjoyed countless Thanksgiving dinners at the long dining room table I would purchase for it. I really wanted that house which led to one of my favorite hobby’s...checking the local real estate postings. I looked for years hoping it would become available. Then two summers ago I was walking around town enjoying a bag of popcorn from the movie theater when I saw a for sale sign. I looked at the house in front of me and it was bathed in a beautiful light as the sun slowly began t