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So Many Windows We Needed an Index... Or Did He Say Windex?

At times this project may seem like all windows and there is certainly a good reason for that.  The house has seventy arched windows in addition to a handful of non arched windows in the basement. One of our early goals was being able to see outside through the house's many "eyes". Even more importantly we needed to be able to see while inside the house. Sunlight shining through the windows would be and still is our primary source of illumination.  There is still a ways to go in meeting that early goal but I couldn't be happier with the progress we have made thus far.  We are enjoying the beautiful views, many of which are completely new to us since they were obscured by plywood when we bought the house. A welcome bonus has been watching the snowflakes swirl by in the wintertime without feeling the biting cold that would sneak in during the early winters of our project. Here is an unfinished directory of some of our lovely additions.  More photos are on the way! The F

Autumn in Downtown Coudersport

A glimpse at the beauty of Coudersport in the fall. If you've never been to Coudersport, I would highly recommend a visit when the leaves are showing off their impressive colors. A few weeks ago, I took a break to enjoy this years display and it certainly did not disappoint. The house is located only a few blocks from this lovely downtown scenery. These leaves have provided wonderful inspiration for what trees we will be adding alongside the house when we shift our focus to landscaping. I certainly can't wait to replace our "spooky" tree with one that actually produces leaves. A tree with beautiful leaves that inspire you to just rake them up into a pile, not to get rid of, but to jump into like back when you were a kid and you could easily find the magic in a crunchy orange leaf. 

The Other Houses of Coudersport: Fall Edition

Coudersport may be a small town, but the number of old houses is certainly grand. Here is an autumn look at a small sampling of Coudersport's other historic homes which are all within walking distance of the F. W. Knox Villa.  Issac Benson House/Coudersport Consistory The Lewis Mansion